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In 2019, I was invited as a guest artist at the CTNX Animation Expo event held in Burbank, California. It was the first time I attended the event and I was totally excited and overwhelmed by the whole experience! Not only was I able to participate in some of the program activities as a professional but I able to see some of my fellow colleges in action as well. I saw old friends and made some new ones as well. It's been a little over 14 years since I've been back to Hollywood again and seeing some of my old friends brought back some fond studio memories. Some of my highlights included seeing a screening of the entire 'Klaus' movie on the big screen and then watch some of the production crew talk on a panel, along with the film's director (my friend, former Cal-Arts classmate, and Disney coworker of mine) Sergio Pablos. Boy, it was great seeing him again! Another highlight was attending the screening of 'Waking Sleeping Beauty'- a documentary about the near extinction of Walt Disney Feature Animation studios back in the early 90's. It was later hosted by Disney's very own Don Han and Peter Schneider. I was super happy to see a lot of my former Disney co-workers and it felt like one big giant animation reunion! What a memorable CTNX experience it was for me and the timing couldn't have been more perfect for the things that was happening for this event! I hope to be back again and can't wait to see what's in store for future CTNX events! Hope to see you there someday!


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