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Here's wishing you all a very safe and Happy New Year!


Hi all,
I had the honor of illustrating

this book cover about a year ago

and now it's finally published

and sold on Amazon!

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MEGACON 2021- to be determined.
Please check back for updates.

Hi folks, 

 I am invited again to be

a guest artist for this year's

2021 Megacon Orlando Show.

I'm not 100% sure if I will attend but will consider it as the months goes by.

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I am saddened to hear the passing of a great Disney animator- Dale Baer.


He was an inspiration, mentor, and talented artist that brought many characters to life.

He worked on many animated feature films and spent many years at Disney Studios. He even started his own production company called The Baer Animation Company.

This little production company, located in Studio City, California, did many traditional 2D animated commercials and movies that was outsourced by the bigger production companies and Hollywood studios.

Many artists and animators got their start there- including myself. Back in the late 90's I was hired on by the Baer Animation Company as the Character Animation Clean-up Supervisor and it got me my first movie credit on the production of Paramount Picture's 'The Beautician and The Beast'.

Thanks to this tiny studio, it paved way for me to get my foot into the bigger Hollywood studios. Out of my 15 feature films, I had the honor to work with Dale on 4.


Thank you Dale for making an impact and leaving us your legacy in the world of animation.

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