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In 2019 I was invited as a guest artist at the CTNX Animation Expo held in Burbank, CA. 

During the event I ran into my old buddy Sergio Pablos- the Director of Netflix's Oscar animated movie- 'Klaus'.

At the event, they held a screening of the entire 'Klaus' movie on the big screen and then had a talk panel session with some of the crew members

and Sergio himself.

(For those who don't know- Sergio and I go way back to our Cal-Arts days back in the early 90's. We were both classmates and started the same year in the film animation program. Later on, we also happened to have worked at Walt Disney Feature Animation studios and we both worked on the same feature film- 'Treasure Planet'. Sergio was the Character Lead on Doppler and I did a few Doppler drawings whenever my character (Captain Amelia) was slow. I can't tell you how proud

I am for this guy. Way to go Sergio!)


Here's a photo of me and an animation legend:

John Pomeroy!

We were reunited again at the 2019 CTNX Animation Expo Event.

During the event we decided to do a collaboration character drawing of the same movie we worked on together- Disney's 'Atlantis: The Lost Empire'.

(FYI- John was the Character Lead on the Milo character and I was a character clean-up animator on Princess Kida. I was so honored to have worked on the film with John.)


Also in 2019 I met with Disney's Senior Character Artist- Don Ducky Williams at his retirement party and I was honored to be part of the event along with other fellow Disney artists. We ate, bonded, and talked about our love for Disney art. It was inspiring to hear each of the Disney artists talk about their journey and accomplishments. Don's story was one of the most inspiring to me. He did over two thousand Disney Character drawings just to get his foot in the door!


(For those who my not know Don, you may have seen his work throughout the Disney theme parks, brochures, billboards, books, magazines, and even canvas paintings at the Art of Disney Gallery stores. He's been a Disney artist for nearly 37 years! Such an honor to be part of the event.)


Here's a drawing I did and donated to the event.

It was auctioned off and part of the proceeds went to a charity of Don's choice.


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